Purpose-Focused Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty
There are human fundamentals that are timeless and shouldn’t change: Relating to others with respect, communicating openly and honestly, and contributing to a team as one among equals striving to achieve a commonly-shared goal.

These are essential to forming a foundation for competing in a marketplace all too often fraught with self-centered individualism and a singular notion that success requires winning at any cost.

The operating environment we share has evolved into one fraught with volatility, fleeting control and diminished predictability. “Managing change” has become cliché; the focus is managing the accelerating pace of change. Innovation is the imperative, buttressed by the integration of new technologies such as AI, and complicated by the commoditization, displacing, and reinvention of just about everything!

From the human capital perspective, our work entails meeting leaders and their organizations where they are – whether it’s a next-gen early stage disruptor seeking to upend an industry or a mature chief executive who has ridden a long wave of success but finds the new norm of volatility and uncertainty unsettling.

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