Boston Business Group is a team of veteran CEOs and other senior executives who consult to, coach, and train C-suite leaders. They are then more able to confidently transform vision into success.

How We Help You

Our team focuses the leadership of your business growth in four distinct areas:

Strategy and Scalability

Accelerate the current state to your desired future state.

Financial Fitness

Master financial decisions for long-term options.

People and Culture

Hone a brand preferred by customers and employees.

Systems and Processes

Become more agile to strengthen competitive resilience.

Executive Leaders Impacted
Group Coaching Sessions
Private Coachings
“To create an effective envisioned future requires a certain level of unreasonable confidence and commitment.” -Jim Collins, Author; Good to Great and Built to Last

Empowering Your Leadership

We offer three distinct paths to growing your leadership capabilities so you may grow your business:

CEO Mentoring

See what you may not have before, do what you haven’t done to date, and aspire to be what you really have the potential to become.

Executive Coaching

Experience our BAARC method to achieve a higher level of personal and professional performance.

Our Vistage Groups

Tackle leadership and business challenges to advance competitively, grow profits, and build a stronger organization.

Read What Others Say

Don’t take our word for it. Ask around.

“Phil Thomas is one of the most knowledgeable business leaders that I have ever known. His expertise has been crucial in expanding my leadership skills and developing my business.”
Greg Daines
CEO, Client Velocity
“Phil brings a rare combination of caring and competence to the work he does. Many years of Chief Executive experience coupled with life wisdom make him an asset to any C-level executive wanting to up his game in life and business."
Michele Jewett
Business and Leadership Advisor; Vistage Chair
“Phil Thomas is a tremendous resource for his clients and colleagues. He is always willing to convey his expertise to others in an open and helpful manner, and he is passionate about helping others develop their leadership skills."
Jane Johnson
President, Business Transition Academy, Inc.

What About The Bees?

In his passion for beekeeping, Phillip Thomas has learned valuable lessons about business that only the bees could teach…

The Finest Local Honey From Our Apiary

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