Financial Fitness

Navigating the terrain of sound financial performance for an organization of any size requires a platform of dependable systems, grounded in technology, that can provide the critical analytics for confident decision making.

However, that’s only the beginning to maintaining a steady course on the pathway of financial fitness.

Executive leaders need to understand what the data is telling them about every aspect of their business. Anything less can increase exposure of their organization to a range of risks, jeopardizing the vital interdependency and very integrity of decision systems throughout the enterprise.

Boston Business Group helps CEOs and their leadership teams ensure that they first capture the right data and second, that the information they will base important decisions on is accurate and timely.

From that foundation, we guide executives in enhancing their skills for interpreting a range of financial information outputs in terms of their strategic and tactical implications for the business.

More Confidence for the Road Ahead

Creating realistic financial and other related models to improve your visibility of the road ahead will empower your team with confidence. It will provide additional assurance that you have taken into account the range of business opportunities, and necessary contingencies, that are predicated upon sound financial operations.

Forward-operating leaders never want to find themselves in the position of reacting to circumstances, especially when they entail your organization’s financial wellbeing. An important component to leadership optimization is maintaining the ability to maximize all your options amidst changing conditions.

We help senior executives become more financially thoughtful and proactive in their day-to-day operational leadership. They can then adjust their strategic and tactical operating plans in real-time from improved capabilities around data interpretation, outcomes anticipation and predictability. As a result, they make fewer mistakes and capture more probable opportunities at the right stage of development.

BBG Financial Fitness

We address:

  • Accounting and financial planning basics
  • Reducing the fear that surrounds financial ‘unknowns’
  • Linking financial issues to operational priorities
  • Managing short-term priorities with a tighter adherence to long-term outcomes
  • The interdependencies of personal financial well-being with organization revenue performance
  • The politics of financial accountability
  • Transparent and collaborative budgeting
  • Growth in the top and bottom lines

Results We Have Seen:

  • Greater clarity on the inherent financial risks in any opportunity pursuit
  • Improved capability for viewing enterprise functionality holistically
  • Reduction of operational silos controlled by financial access
  • Better calculating of risk versus reward in strategic ambitions


  • More accountable alignment of operational financial implications and growth activities
  • Realistic balancing between the qualitative and quantitative drivers of enterprise growth
  • Accelerated growth in revenues and profits
We are also proud to be a veteran-owned and operated business with over a decade of military service to our country.
From a situational snapshot, we collaborate with the C-suite team to develop and implement key systems and processes along with innovations in leadership, governance, culture and human capital. By promoting commitment to a culture of excellence, we take leaders from a vision for change and growth into the reality of marketplace results.