People and Culture

BBG capabilities involving the optimization of people and culture are focused in four priority areas for C-suite leaders:

From “HR” to “HC”

Becoming more competitively sustainable and scalable requires transitioning from the traditional notion of human resources (“HR”) and embracing human capital (“HC”) as a strategic asset. To become a preferred employer brand in a candidate market, you must build a culture and deliver an employee experience that will attract and retain best-of-class candidates. Identifying, recruiting, nurturing and leading great talent is as much an art form as it is good management.

Recruitment and retention are expensive undertakings in dollars, time and energy. They are even more costly when you make a hiring mistake. The BBG team offers best practices experience from human capital successes in a range of industries.

Perpetuating a Culture of Excellence

At BBG, our team identifies with the Peter Drucker mantra, “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.” Our view of culture within an organization are the norms of accepted behavior and “how we do things here.” Therefore, culture is not an impediment to good strategy and peak performance, but an enabler. If you want the most agile and efficient path to sustained leadership as a high performing organization, you must be driven by a culture of excellence. The qualities that create it are 80% generic and 20% unique. Your ability to be exceptional comes from the 20% that lives out the brand promise for every employee. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers and your company will grow.

Compensation Imperatives

Are you confident you fully grasp why your employees are working for you and your organization, as well as what they need to stay motivated and engaged? Constructing a compensation program that will feed a Culture of Excellence and drive exceptional performance is as important an undertaking as your go-to-market program or any product launch. Building a growth company necessitates having a growth strategy for your people; if they aren’t moving forward with you, they may be moving out. BBG helps design customized reward systems and programs with a tailored fit for the expectations and norms of your context, profession, industry or sector.

Performance Quality Management

Developing appropriate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for each role within your organization is also an important tool for assessing productivity, throughput, compliance and goal achievement. KPIs are signposts for any number of measurement needs, especially as a barometer of how well your people are growing as individuals in alignment with your business objectives. Determining and monitoring appropriate KPIs can be pivotal to not only achieving organization-wide goals, but in nurturing and retaining top performers.

BBG People and Culture

We address:

  • Attracting, retaining and growing your brand’s people
  • Developing the right role profiles and functionality model
  • Designing an intentional culture
  • Operationalizing the drivers of a Culture of Excellence
  • Properly aligning performance assessments with people
  • Developing meaningful reward systems and programs
  • Maintaining highly-competitive compensation plans
  • Understanding how to maximize the ROI in comp packages
  • Developing appropriate communication models

Results We Have Seen:

  • A more solid foundation of employee trust
  • Increased perception of credibility in the leadership team
  • Greater productivity and efficiency from clearer expectations
  • Improved employee on-the-job wellbeing
  • Less churn and increased retention of top performers


  • Easier recruiting of the best candidates as a preferred employer brand
  • More control over the environment required for success
  • A more dynamic experience for customers and other external stakeholders
We are also proud to be a veteran-owned and operated business with over a decade of military service to our country.
From a situational snapshot, we collaborate with the C-suite team to develop and implement key systems and processes along with innovations in leadership, governance, culture and human capital. By promoting commitment to a culture of excellence, we take leaders from a vision for change and growth into the reality of marketplace results.