CEO Mentoring

After spending years in senior leadership positions, the BBG team has come together to lend their knowledge, experience and skills in building companies seeking faster personal and corporate growth.

As former CEOs and senior executives of various public and private companies, our ambition is to give business owners and leaders much of what we failed to receive along the way. It’s about paying it forward to the next generation of visionaries, game changers and value creators.

What is our why?

It is our desire to do good, have fun and make money by helping others do the same. Any accomplishment which one is fortunate to enjoy in life is not fully experienced unless its lessons are transferred to others who can use them to enrich their own journey.

Our CEO Mentoring program is highly personal and customized. Through more nuanced interactions than our coaching program and with our unique framework, we lead you to seeing what you may not have before, do what you haven’t done to date, and aspire to be what you really have the potential to become.

Modeling a way of being is at the core of effective CEO Mentoring. No games, no hidden agendas, no politics. Just open and transparent personal and corporate growth.

An Open-Ended, Highly Nuanced Development Relationship

In contrast to our Executive Coaching experience, our CEO Mentoring program tends to be less structured, broader in scope, and entail pursuit of a more open-ended agenda. It often addresses the backdrop of life and career, working toward goals that are immediate and extend well into the future.

One way to look at it is that executive coaching imparts skills while CEO mentoring zeros in on the value of wisdom in applying those skills. We achieve this by serving as confidants, sounding boards, supportive listeners, guides and tutors.

The BBG CEO Mentoring Experience

We address:

  • Career satisfaction
  • Professional development
  • Critical life transitions
  • Personal growth
  • Creating executive presence
  • Preparing for your next promotion
    Becoming comfortable in a new role
  • Keeping life in balance
  • Navigating corporate politics
  • Gaining greater mastery of your leadership and management function

Options for BBG Clients:

The Boston Business Group has a long affiliation with Vistage International, providing access to membership for our clients in exclusive CEO-only and C-suite peer groups. These memberships are by invitation only and historically have resulted in more effective leadership, better decision making, fewer mistakes, and faster personal and corporate growth.

New! Through Vistage, BBG provides special training for emerging leaders in your organization, which may be extended to having your entire team – from CEO to senior or middle management – participate as a single Vistage Inside Group, led by BBG.

This Vistage Inside Group meets monthly for a whole day to problem solve, ideate, and learn from speakers who are subject matter experts. The results to be achieved are key building blocks of profitable, sustainable, and scalable companies: More agile leadership, better team alignment, elimination of silos, greater communication around the vision and intent of the Founders, as well as improved morale and trust.

Results We Have Seen:

  • Seeing yourself more clearly
  • Seeing others more clearly
  • Learning new ways to respond to a range of people and situations
  • Leveraging your existing strengths


  • Creating a new, more effective and agile leadership style
  • Building more productive, authentic relationships/teams
  • Understanding how to more constructively meet your personal needs
  • Achieving your personal and professional life goals
We are also proud to be a veteran-owned and operated business with over a decade of military service to our country.
From a situational snapshot, we collaborate with the C-suite team to develop and implement key systems and processes along with innovations in leadership, governance, culture and human capital. By promoting commitment to a culture of excellence, we take leaders from a vision for change and growth into the reality of marketplace results.